Job Leaderboards

Job Leaderboards
Overview of /warp rankings at spawn with the moon in the far distance.

Hey Flufferinos!

A recent addition has been made to spawn to foster some competition between the different jobs. As you may know, Fluff Economy allows you to occupy up to 3 jobs at any one time with a total of 12 jobs in total you can choose from.

We have always been thinking of ways to make each job stand uniquely from the rest and the ability to become one of the most skilled in your job from your peers is something that sounded too good to pass up!

To find out your rankings, you can head to spawn or do /warp rankings to find the top 5 players in a job. These signs update every few minutes, making sure you can compare accurately with everyone at any time.  

Picture of Warp Rankings as of 9/22/21