FluffEconomy: Build Competition Voting Begins!

FluffEconomy: Build Competition Voting Begins!

Today is the one and only day to vote for the current windmill competition for the FluffEconomy Build Competition!

Here are some of the submissions, you can cast your vote at any time on the discord, inside the events channel.

@IllusoryWeasel, from the first submission of the week, they started it off with something I wasn't exactly expecting, building a windmill inside a lush cave,

IllusoryWeasel build submission

@xJuice, something more traditional of what most will consider a windmill, with the backdrop of the mountains in the backroom, it looks amazing!

And finally, @RoseGoldCreation was the last to submit a creation. Going for something more traditional that still stood out, RoseGoldCreation created a lush area that fit in with the surrounding countryside that the windmill was created in.

Voting will end on January 31 at 11:59 CST, so make sure to cast your votes by then on the discord! If you want to learn how you can participate, consider joining the server!

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Before connecting to FluffEconomy, you first need a Java Edition Minecraft account. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one on Minecraft’s website. play.fluffeconomy.com1: Boot up Minecraft Java Edition on the latest version (1.18.1). 2: Click Multiplayer 3: Click Add Server 4: Enter the server